Fostering Mutual Learning

We at Habla recognize and understand the plight of immigrants and non-English speakers in the U.S. While Habla strives to provide our community members with the best possible language instruction, we also want our language coaches to benefit from hands-on service. We hope that coaches gain insight into the struggles of Habla’s target population and develop a greater sense of empathy for this underserved community.

One-on-One Personalized ESL Tutoring

Habla aims to provide our community partners with one-on-one ESL tutoring. We plan lessons around the personal needs and wants of our tutees. Instead of focusing on grammar, Habla’s approach strives to give tutees a contextually relevant handle of English.

Enroll in our Cardinal Course

Habla offers a Cardinal Course for tutors during the fall quarter. Taught by four Habla Core members, the student-initiated course (CHILATS 1ST: English Language Learner Tutoring and Curriculum) serves to support tutors in developing lesson plans and strategies. The course equips students with practical experience for developing materials for language learning and provides a collaborative space to reflect on the tutoring experience. Additionally, the course will provide background on Habla’s target population and help students better understand the immigrant experience.

Become a Volunteer

Habla starts on the third week of fall quarter and is active throughout the entire school year. Language coaches commit to one of the following options:


Two days (12PM – 12:30PM) between Monday & Friday. For this option, coaches will go to an agreed upon location.

One a week on Saturdays (2:30PM – 4PM). This session meets in the Haas Center for Public Service.

To get involved, contact Sophia Pink at and we will get back to you shortly. Coaches can join at any time in the year.


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