Join Us!

We’d love to have you! The first step is to enroll in CHILAT 1SI: English Language Learner Tutoring and Curriculum Development in the Fall. It’s a 1-unit, S/NC class where you learn the most effective ways to develop English curriculums for your learners!

Still on the fence of about joining? Here’s what some of our coaches and learners have to say:

Coaching and engaging within the Habla community has been one of my most meaningful experiences at Stanford. Habla uniquely forms relationships and welcoming spaces for learning and more importantly the formation of community that would otherwise not be nearly as pronounced.

Hannah Kelley

One of my favorite memories was when my learner proudly told me that, a few days prior, she was able to give someone directions to Coupa Cafe. We celebrated the accomplishment by sharing some persimmons!

Kellen Vu

Through Habla, I have loved getting to know the staff who make Stanford what it is, while helping my learner improve her English to better connect with her kids and community.

Isa Terrazas

Habla is probably the best thing that I have done at Stanford. I have been coaching the same learner for three years, and we are good friends now. I love that Habla gives me the opportunity to connect with service workers on campus that I might not meet otherwise.

Lindsay Young

During my first year tutoring, I was able to help my learner better communicate with her boss. It was very fulfilling hearing her come back and tell me the following year how she no longer struggled as much and was able to express herself a lot more.

David Hernandez